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Our objective is to help plan today’s goals to meet tomorrow’s dreams.  Let our experienced team introduce road maps to financial independence that will allow you to maintain a comfortable and stress free retirement. 

Our Services

Retirement Planning

Combining Long Term Goals into a plan to enjoy a comfortable and sustainable retirement.


Long-term Insurance to protect your assests. Life Insurance to protect your loved ones.

Trusts and Estate Planning

Securing your legacy for those you love. Creating a plan for your hard earned assets.

"Burgess & Associates helped me set up an annuity so I can begin saving for my future."
College Student, Aspiring Teacher

Things to Consider

thought for the day

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln

Are we too old to start planning?

My husband and I put off retirement savings because we thought there was no way we could afford it. With multiple kids, daycare, sporting costs,

When Can I Retire

Retirement can be a joyful and scary prospect.   Head into Retirement with Confidence! Planning for the long-term Sustainability For many people, the thought of

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Burgess & Associates are not Lawyers.  Our trusts are reviewed by our Trust officers and our Lawyer, we offer no legal advice. 

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