My husband and I put off retirement savings because we thought there was no way we could afford it. With multiple kids, daycare, sporting costs, mortgage and car payments, braces, etc. it seemed we were struggling just to pay the bills. We were the parents that rarely even ate out or went to a movie, all of our time and resources were directed toward the children and their activities. Then it occurred to us, these kiddos would be moving on soon and we would have nothing to show for our years of hard work. We started an intense game of catch-up, paying our future selves before anything else. Our retirement plans became our number one financial obligation, and boy has it paid off! With the help of retirement specialists we have learned how to make our money work for us, moving investments around to give us the biggest bang for our buck. As inch closer to retirement our portfolio is slowly changing from aggressive investing to safe investments in order to protect our assets. I learned it is never too late to start investing for your future self, but it would be easier to start early. Our children are still college aged and have already begun adding to their annuities to help them be prepared for a stress free financial future! Plan today for tomorrow’s dreams is our motto!

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