Trust & Estate Planning

Planning Ahead

Trusts and Estate Planning is essential for protecting both your assets and your loved ones.  Plan with confidence that your legacy will continue.  Avoid expensive and time consuming court and probate costs.

We Can Help,
The Burgess Team

Building a trust

Our Trust Officers work with you to develop a plan.  Each trust is reviewed by a highly qualified attorney.  Trusts should be revisited and updated annually or bi-annually and adjustments made, if needed.  Our team is here to help with trust and estate planning questions and concerns.  


Preparation is key to avoiding issues. Trust and Estate planning provides the necessary documentation to secure your legacy.


Trust and Estate planning allows you to choose your beneficiaries.  You choose who will make decisions, act on your behalf, receive your hard-earned assets, and even provide distribution requests. 

annual review

Review of a Trust is essential for keeping matters up to date. Life and family is continually changing, your trust should be amended to adapt to those changes.  

Customer Review

Our clients at Burgess & Associates, LLC. are our main focus. We work tirelessly to find the best options to fit their individual needs and goals.  

Rick and Pam Roberts

Rick set up an appointment to meet with Wayne, That was the best decision for our future retirement plans. Retirement was scary and Wayne went over all of the things we needed to know and how to plan and prepare. Heather has taken over our planning, but still consults Wayne. I like that we have two planners taking care of us! Don't be afraid. Meet with them. You won't regret it

Connie Wood

After attending many seminars, my husband and I decided Burgess and Associates was the perfect fit for our needs. Fromguiding us with investments to helping with our trust, we have been most pleased. Their help after my husbands death was above and beyond my expectations. I could not have navigated all the paperwork without them. Wayne and Heather have their clients best interest at heart. They are good friends and have become like family. I highly recommend Burgess & Associates.

Burgess & Associates, LLC are not CPA’s, therefore cannot offer tax advice.  Please consult your tax advisor for clarification on IRA contributions and other tax-affiliated questions & concerns.

Burgess & Associates are not Lawyers.  Our trusts are reviewed by our Trust officers and our Lawyer, we offer no legal advice.