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Burgess & Associates, LLC. is a family owned business in Springfield, MO.  Barbara and Wayne Burgess began the company in 1991 to help families and individuals create a safe and secure financial future.  The Burgess and Associates, LLC. team focus on the financial needs and goals of clients. The team is dedicated in assisting to build a stable and safe financial future to secure financial future. 

Our Team

Wayne Burgess

Owner. Retirement Planning Specialist.
Trust Officer. 
Estate Planning Specialist.

Heather Calhoun

Co-Owner. Retirement Planning Specialist.

Ginger McCullough

Information Coordinator. Client Support.

Client Goals

Burgess & Associates, LLC are not CPA’s, therefore cannot offer tax advice.  Please consult your tax advisor for clarification on IRA contributions and other tax-affiliated questions & concerns.

Burgess & Associates are not Lawyers.  Our trusts are reviewed by our Trust officers and our Lawyer, we offer no legal advice.